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Filter / Water Separator

FWS series Filter/water separators consist of a two-stage system designed to remove free water and particulates from aviation fuels in refineries, terminals, fuel depots, tankers, hydrant dispensers and other mobile refueling equipment. Filter/water separators are intended for use in commercial aviation fuel (defined as category C), military aviation fuel (defined as category M) and military aviation fuel with an additive for thermal stability (defined as category M100).

1 st stage –Tiny droplets of water contact and adhere to strands of fiberglass, flow pushes the droplets along the strand until they reach an intersection of strands where they combine with other droplets ( coalesce ) into large drops . These large drops are then carried to the outside surface of cartridge having a higher specific gravity than the hydrocarbon fluid, they release and settle to the bottom of the vessel .

2 nd. stage – The fuel flows from the coalesce element and enters the separator element from outside to inside . The separator element is manufactured from hydrophobic material and is designed to repel small water droplets that may be carried over from the coalesce element . These small water droplets are retained on the separator element surface until they combine with other droplets and become large enough to fall because of higher density of water into the water collection sump . FWS series filter water separators are very efficiency separator and can remove the particulates and free water from the fuel oil.

See below videos - how filter separator works

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